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◆ Spec ◆
Grade SLB 500 Series
Design Carbon edition Style ‘Dark Gray & Dark Gold’
Type AM(All Mountain)
Drivetrain SLB system (EST technology applied)
Safety SAC (Start Assist Control)
Ratio Range Speed increase by 0.7~4 times
(In case crank gear 48T is connected)
Brake 6Hole Disk Brake convertible
Spoke Hole 32Hole
Matter Duralumin AL 7075 T6, Carbon Fiber, Special Steel
SYCOLINE Made in Korea
◈ ‘SLB System’ that EST technology is applied to bicycles
SLB is the auto stepless transmission system for bikes that has been developed as a hub type through the EST technology. SLB, which helps bikes show their traveling performance to the best, substitutes all the manual gear parts and the rear wheel hub of the existing bikes, and provides the optimized traveling performance through immediate infinite gear suitably for changing traveling conditions and a rider’s pedaling conditions.
◈ ‘SLB’ gear torque setting
It is possible to set the gear torque of SLB suitably for a rider’s traveling tendency so better performance and optimized stepless gear ratio are realized.
◈ SAC (Start Assist Control), Prevention of being pushed
SAC performance, which helps stable start under any traveling conditions, increases the traveling safety of bikes. Especially in the case of getting on or off a bike on a slope, a bike stays in the location it stops without separate braking so stable getting-on and getting-off, starting, and parking are possible. You can feel the safety of cars even through bikes.
◈ SLB Riding
SLB rider, through immediate shock-free auto stepless gear, shows the stable and best traveling performance under various traveling conditions. The hub, which is made of Duralumin AL 7075 T6 and carbon fiber, protects the internal driving gear. Highly durable and differentiated transmission design makes riding look better.
① Flat section
 At the moment that a rider pedals, SLB starts, coping with the weight startup load of a bike and a rider through auto stepless gear, so it generates high torque without consuming big physical stren-gth and accordingly, smooth acceleration can be made. It can minimize the consumption of physical strength that is required for starting, and can increase the accelerating ability so physical strength is distributed in balance for riding.
② Gentle hill section
In the gentle hill section, auto stepless gear is done, depending on the speed traveling into the hill section and the slowly increasing travel load so soft and accelerating travel performance is provided.
③ Curved section
In the curved section, traveling conditions become different at every minute. Depending on the cha-nging travel conditions and the rider’s pedaling, it automatically, steplessly changes gear without any delay so stable and accelerating travel is possible. New travel performance, which can be felt from the multi-step manual transmission, is offered.
④ Uphill road section
In the uphill road section that the angle of inclination slowly goes up, the gear ratio slowly becomes big through auto stepless gear so the output torque of the rear wheel becomes big. In this section, high accelerating force is maintained until a bike enters the uphill road so pedaling power is trans-mitted. In the uphill road that the angle of inclination becomes different, it transmits power through continuous infinite gear change so the travel performance becomes maximized.
⑤ Downhill road section
In the downhill road section, it transmits pedaling power with stepless gear change faster than SLB, through which the accelerating performance on the downhill road is improved. On the downhill road, the accelerating force goes up and the travel section gets reduced. SLB continuously changes gear at the optimized stepless speed increase ratio so the rider can transmit balanced pedaling power and stably travel at high speed.
⑥ Flat accelerating section
The rider travels the sections of ①,②,③,④, and ⑤ with SLB system so irregular and excessive phy-sical strength consumption is minimized and remarkable travel performance can be continuously made. SLB makes it possible to show the best travel performance under various traveling condi-tions. Through this SLB, a rider can enjoy the freedom of bike riding.