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This EST (auto stepless transmission) is for industries, which can be applied to general industrial machinery. In appearance, it is in the shape of a gearbox, like a reducer, but unlike a reducer, it has infinite ranges and depending on the external load, it automatically, steplessly changes gear without a separate gear controller.
Method of gear change : Stepless gear change
Range of gear change : 0 ~ Infinity
Direction change : Possible to change in the right and the reverse direction; Auto stepless gear change for both directions
Gear control : A gear controller is not necessary
Energy efficiency : High efficiency
Performance of power transmission : Possible to tran-smit large power
Safety : Automatically coping with overload; Automa-tically
Voluntary gear section setting change : Possible to be set by users (Option)
It smoothly makes variable startup, coping with startup power, and consumes proper current.
A separate controller for overload is not required.
The irregular overload, which is generated when it is sued, is not transmitted to the power source.
In case the maximum overload, which the power source can't stand, is made, the output of EST is maintained at 0 rpm and the power source is made to idle at proper output so stable durability against overload is obtained.
EST works, coping with load within the rated range of the power source, so the power source always consumes proper current only and minimizes energy costs.
With the range of 0 ~ infinity and the simple gear-load composition, it can transmit large power and it can be extensively applied to various fields.
It is possible to voluntarily set the gear section suitably for uses so it is possible to realize various gear ratios with EST. (Option)
It is possible to voluntarily set the point of time for auto gear change. (Option)
It automatically prevents reversal so it doesn't' rotate in the direction opposite to the direction of power transmission.
It is possible to change in the right, the neutral, and the reverse direction. It is also possible to automatically, steplessly change gear for both directions. (Manually changing in EST gearbox or changing in the right or the reverse direction of the motor)
It is possible to realize various gear ratios in EST.
Highly efficient power transmission
* Order-made after technical discussion