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School bus Operated from Jemulpo Bukbu Station to JEI University at 5-minute interval
Subway Dong Incheon Station of Subway Line 1 -> Bus No. 3, 12, 17, 17-1, 24, 41/ Town Bus No. 13, 510 at Jemulpo Station of Subway Line 1
Intracity bus No. 3, 12, 17, 17-1, 24, 21, 63 at Dong Incheon Station / No. 13 at Jemulpo Station / No. 14 at Terminal
Seat bus No. 105 at Dong Incheon
Town bus No. 510 at Jemulpo Station
The Olympic Bridge or Ganbguk -> Mokdong Playground -> Go straight -> To Dong Incheon at Gajwa IC, -> Turn left at the first sageori -> Go straight -> Turn right at the final samgeori (gentle slope) -> Go straight 500m and turn left at the traffic light -> JEI University
Terminal of the 2nd Gyeongin Highway -> Go straight -> Turn right at the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Tower (Signboard of JEI University) -> Go straight -> Turn left at the final samgeori -> Immediately turn right -> Songlim Rotary -> Go straight -> JEI University
The 100th Anniversary Commemorative Tower has been moved so only the rotary remains on that spot so please refer to the milepost of Songlim-dong and Songlim Rotary.